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July 8, 2010

Sinbad’s Restaurant wishes to say hi to all vacation travelers this summer. Sinbad’s has great outdoor patio dining on the water especially on those nice memorable days. Picturesque views of the Treasure Island, Bay Bridge and the bay water activities make for an exciting time at Sinbad’s Restaurant. Sinbad’s has the best outdoor patio dining on the water in San Francisco.

Many celebrities dine at Sinbad’s such as just today, former Raider Superbowl Quarterback Jim Plunkett had a nice time dining at the restaurant. Sinbad’s is the hotspot location for dining in San Francisco with its enchanting SF bay views.

Come on down all you vacationers and locals to Sinbad’s for a nice bay dining experience. Visit our website at or call (415) 781 2555 and make a preferred dining reservation now .

Sinbad’s sends a great summer wish to everyone!



June 26, 2010

Fourth of July Fever  is just around the corner. Fireworks are by Sinbad’s so come by and celebrate this great time in our history with us.

Sinbad’s has the best water bay views in all San Francisco. No other restaurant in San Francisco except Sinbad’s,  gives you the best dining experience by the water.  You can even bring your dog with you and dine in our patio outside.

Sinbad’s, being perched on the bay’s water edge has panoramic views of the bay, Treasure Island and the Bay bridge.

All Sinbad’s seafoods are fresh, fitting for being on the ocean’s bay.

Come by and be part of the 4th of July on the water at Sinbad’s. You can make your reservation by calling (415) 781 2555 or through our website at or  through

Happy 4th of July holiday! – From Sinbad’s on the water.


June 17, 2010

Sinbad’s is the place for this special occasion. Dad can relax on the San Francisco Bay viewing all the exciting activities the Bay has to offer.

Sinbad’s has the best bay view than any other restaurants in San Francisco. Dad would be very excited to be treated at Sinbad’s on his special day.  To reserve a special view table on the water, call (415) 781 2555 or visit our website at

Take care of the big boss! Happy Father’s Day to all Dads from Sinbad’s.

Nice weather is finally here!

May 12, 2010

Nice weather is finally here! Time to enjoy  Sinbad’s  fantastic  outdoor  dining on the water. Drinking our popular drinks from our full bar at our new beautiful patio dining set up on the water will make for a great relaxing day on the bay.

No other restaurant  in San Francisco except Sinbad’s  offers a panoramic view on the water of Treasure Island, Bay Bridge and sailboats passing by, making any dining or cocktail experience as memorable and fun as ever.

Winter is over. Enjoy the outdoors on the water at Sinbad’s!

35 Years in Business

April 20, 2010

Sinbad’s would like to thank all its loyal customers during our 35 years of business. We are probably one of the oldest restaurants on the waterfront and is truly grateful for  all the support of the community for all these years of striving to best serve the public and our customers.

Sinbad’s is a very old established restaurant, historic in nature, with probably the finest view of the waterfront, Bay Bridge and the Treasure Island in San Francisco.

For those who haven’t visited Sinbad’s, give it a try, it has the old San Francisco flavor.

Sinbad’s wants to thank everyone again…and how about our Giants?

Welcome To Sinbads

April 13, 2010

Sinbad’s Restaurant on the water welcomes all those San Francisco Giants fans to a new exciting year. Watch the games at Sinbad’s new big screen TVs or celebrate  with our new outside umbrella tables on the water. Sinbad’s has all fresh seafoods with a full bar and amazing view of Treasure Island and the bay bridge.  As on the longest running San Francisco restaurants, we are a proud supporter of the San Francisco Giants.

Being next to the ferries and Bart also makes it so convenient for any memorable dining experience at Sinbad’s. With those bay views of those salty tugs and mighty liners often drifting by your table while dining will make that fresh seafood meal truly memorable.

Sinbads is so close to the stadium you might even have a home run land on your plate. Go Giants!