Sinbad’s Restaurant wishes to say hi to all vacation travelers this summer. Sinbad’s has great outdoor patio dining on the water especially on those nice memorable days. Picturesque views of the Treasure Island, Bay Bridge and the bay water activities make for an exciting time at Sinbad’s Restaurant. Sinbad’s has the best outdoor patio dining on the water in San Francisco.

Many celebrities dine at Sinbad’s such as just today, former Raider Superbowl Quarterback Jim Plunkett had a nice time dining at the restaurant. Sinbad’s is the hotspot location for dining in San Francisco with its enchanting SF bay views.

Come on down all you vacationers and locals to Sinbad’s for a nice bay dining experience. Visit our website at or call (415) 781 2555 and make a preferred dining reservation now .

Sinbad’s sends a great summer wish to everyone!


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One Response to “COME ON DOWN!”

  1. Grace McKenna Says:

    Your restaurant looks lovely. Wish I could visit and taste some of your delicious seafood. Say hello to Amy Taylor from her aunt , Grace in Ireland.

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